Serving Chocolate With Household Items

Serving Chocolate With Household Items

It is fair to say that in the world of desserts, chocolate reigns supreme. It is popular not just because of its delicious taste, but also its versatility. Chocolate can come in a wide range of cocoa strengths from white to dark. People serving chocolate to their guests will have plenty of choices when it comes to what form it will take. Whichever they end up choosing it is always a good idea to serve chocolate with household items such as plates, bowls, glasses and mugs.

In an Interesting Solid Shape

One of the most simple methods is to get a solid piece of chocolate and then cut it into a shape. The possibilities are endless and limited only by the chocolatier’s imagination. If they are worried about their shaping skills they could cheat by using a stencil or kitchen cutter. Thinner chocolate desserts can be served in a plate. If people want to get creative they could experiment with layering one chocolate shape on top of the other. The added depth may require a bowl instead.

In Glassware

When hosting a dinner party many chocolate desserts are served from a glass. It is best to choose glassware from as this will convey a sense of class. This is sure to leave a positive impression on the guests.

As a Fondue

There are few things more satisfying than dipping a strawberry into a fountain of liquid chocolate. Traditionally, dishes known as fondue were typically associated with cheese. However, this has now changed due to the massive appeal of chocolate-based fondue desserts. Chocolate is mixed with cream and pinch of salt before being poured into a small communal fountain. The chocolate mix needs to remain at a consistent temperature. Otherwise, the mix risks turning solid. Guests place marshmallows or fruits on the end of a fork (available from Royal Design) and dip it into the fountain.

In Hot Chocolate Form

Whilst there are many solid forms chocolate desserts out there, this confectionary is also perfect to drink as a hot liquid. A plethora of well-known chocolate brands sell powder for this purpose. This is mixed with either hot milk or water in a mug. This can then be topped with marshmallows which melt into a tasty consistency.

As A Cheesecake

Chocolate has been used as the main ingredient in chocolate cakes for many years. Perhaps the best kind is chocolate cheesecake. This is a layered cake consisting of a crumbly base topped with a layer of soft cheese, eggs sugar and chocolate. Whilst some people may be put off by the idea of mixing cheese with chocolate it should be remembered that the cheese is flavourless and used mainly for texture.

With Profiteroles

A profiterole is a ball of pastry filled with cream. The chocolate is not the main ingredient. Instead, it is used to make a dipping sauce and placed in a smaller bowl. It is surprisingly easy to make profiteroles from scratch even for novice chefs. Creating the sauce is as simple as mixing cocoa powder, caster sugar and boiling water. This can either be drizzled over the profiteroles or used to dip with.