Iconic Chocolate Bars And Vintage Collectables

Iconic Chocolate Bars And Vintage Collectables

Chocolate is a delicacy that has been around for Centuries. For most, it is food that warms the heart and is ideologically considered a gesture of admiration and love. In nutrition circles, it is considered as a dessert, a migraine killer or even an energy food. It has a unique taste that has been curated since its inception. Such a characteristic makes the earliest recipes very treasured today. In fact, some of the early varieties of chocolate are still in demand, and it is no wonder some of the biggest players in the game are re-launching them to the new generation.

Vintage Chocolate Recipes

There is a rich history affiliated with chocolate. It is almost impossible to hear of real life love stories that do not incorporate it in them. Generations, old and young alike, are introduced to new varieties which live their course and are soon replaced by others. Some companies that hold on to the traditional bars of chocolate, many from as early as the 19th Century, consider them an heirloom. The formula is passed down from generation to generation, thereby amassing a large and loyal following. The chocolate, however, ends up increasing in retail value, making it more suitable for special occasions. For other companies who do it on a large scale, the pressing issue is keeping up, and satisfying trends. Chocolate bars are on a revolving door, with a new one always coming up. It is no wonder that when they put a vintage chocolate bar back on sale, such as the Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin, it makes headlines.

Collectable Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is a morsel of food that is held in high regard, almost like a treasure. Depending on the chocolatier, it is priced differently. Like everything in this life, there is traditional and detailed craftsmanship, all of which set different price tags. Chocolate can be categorised into classes, with the most common being the industrially processed chocolate bars that retail for cheap. In a heritage where chocolate is considered a culture, a lot of detail goes into producing a premium blend. Vintage chocolate is prepared over extended periods of time. From the time that the cacao plant is harvested and the beans extracted from the cocoa pods, it sets in time a curating process. The cocoa beans are matured anywhere between two to five years after harvesting until they are deemed optimum for processing. This makes them a collector’s item in some circles and you can read more here about collectables related to chocolate and its manufacture.