Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate is one of the most mouth-watering foods. The way it melts in your mouth is nothing short of sensual. This is probably why chocolate is such a great gift to give a lover, friend or family. It simply says, I care about and value you.

And you know what, chocolate is actually quite healthy. This is especially true for super quality dark chocolate. Can you imagine that a bar of dark chocolate actually contains magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and even fiber? Yes, chocolate has all these plus antioxidants, so cocoa is an essential fruit, after all. The other beautiful thing about chocolate is not just that sweet-savory taste; it’s the good mood it sets you in. Once consumed, chocolate triggers endorphins (happy hormones) which automatically uplift your mood and improve your mental health. So you really have no excuse not to treat yourself or a loved one to some good chocolate. Let’s look at some great chocolate gift ideas.

Choco Bars

No matter how young you are or how old you are, you are bound to love great chocolate. Chocolate is an ideal gift for anyone at almost any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s, farewell party or Thanksgiving, some R&D chocolate will do.

Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fountain is an exciting gift idea especially for fun events such as weddings, reunions and house parties. This is such a treat for chocoholics to take as much chocolate as they wish. It is basically a fountain comprising of melted chocolate with as many tiers as you would wish. It has adjustable feet and removable parts so you can easily mount and clean it.

Chocolate and Wine or Fruits

Right after chocolate, wine has been proven to be a powerful aphrodisiac. That is why a basket of chocolates well paired with good wine has remained a timeless gift for love birds across the globe. Dark chocolate which is quite heavy on its own is paired well with less intense wines while white chocolate goes perfectly with rich wines. Fruits such as cherries, berries, and strawberries, also go well with chocolates. Instead of a plain old chocolate bar, why not put in some sweet fruits in that gift hamper to create a mouthful? The combination of these sweet treats creates an exquisite experience for the person receiving the gift.

Chocolate Cake

Everybody loves cake, so why stick to the bars when you can have kilos of chocolate? A chocolate cake is an awesome way to celebrate someone. You can choose from a variety of chocolate cake flavors including chocolate fudge, chocolate mint, chocolate cheese, death by chocolate or just plain chocolate cake. Apart from the usual huge cake, you could also have cupcakes made in their favorite chocolate flavor or different flavors.

For chocolate bar gifts, you have quite an array of flavors to choose from. Apart from the ordinary white or dark chocolate, there are also chocolates infused with mint, ginger, nuts, fruits, and even alcohol. Some of the popular quality bars include Cadbury, Hershey’s, Lindt, and KitKat.